lundi 3 juin 2013

English summary

Hi everybody !!

Well, the french part take me so much time that i "forgot" to write an english summary.
But today is ok.
Since last time, several kilometers have been done. I crossed the mountains, through the still snowy high plateaus and the majestic landscapes around Geiranger.
I celebrated the National Day in Voss, and continued towards molde and the Atlantic Road.
I toook a rest day in Trondheim, and followed the coastal road 17 to Bodø.

The ferry landed me to the Lofoten last week-end where i rode like in a postal card !!
The weather of last week was so incredible for Norway, sunny, no clouds, 20/25°C and midnight sun, perfect !!

I'm in Andenes tonight, leading my way to Tromsø.
Nordkapp attracts me a lot, i hope i'll reach it next week-end. Depend of the weather, I can trust my legs !!
See you !

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Julien,

    We follow you on this blog. Mostly looking at pictures en using Google Translate to read some of your adventures :-) You have great weather. Hope is will last till you reach the Northcape! Cycling in Norway is great.

    Good luck and have a save trip!

    Jan-Willem & Saskia

  2. I am waiting for news about your conquering the North Cape,
    by bike, by bus or by the Coastal Cruiser!
    As for now you will be able to watch the midnight sun from the Cape,
    which is the ultimate experience for anybody in the area.
    Good luck and long live the French!