mercredi 8 mai 2013

English summary for my foreign followers :)

Hi everybody !
Well.....the more I'm going to the North, the more I meet people whom french isn't native language.
So I decided to write a summary in English  for those who would like to continue following me.
I've crossed Germany last week and arrived in Denmark last Sunday with the sun.
I was in Ribe, at the supermarket when I forgot my wallet inside...and it's a french couple - Alex and Nancy - who brang it me back. We were at the same camping, had a good evening so we decided to ride couple of days together !!
We rode along the west coast, accross Esbjerg, Hvande side, Husby....and camped in the forest. Long white beaches, sand dunes, and kilometers of straightwindy  roads.
Great barbecue and potatoes for Nancy's birthday, playing games was very pleasant.

Today, i continued my route alone, always on the coast. Sidewind and rain. I'm in Klitmoller tonight in a big but empty camping. I want to reach Hirsthals on Friday and catch a boat to Stavanger Saturday and Sunday.
And it will be the end of the training ;)
See you soon !!

4 commentaires:

  1. i dont understand all that you are writting ! tommorrow i'll try to traduce ! i hope that you understand that i wriitte you !

  2. :) Thanks, Julien, for the effort! :)
    Don't forget that helicopter is at yout service, if u need saving in Stavanger. ;)


  3. Hi Julien!
    Thank you very much for thinking of us who don't speak French very well :-)
    Have a nice trip!
    Yours faithfully,

  4. Thats great, thank you! The google translater is also not really helpfull. There you get funny translations, but you never will find out what is happen during your trip :)

    I will start my trip to norway in the first week of June...with car and boat. I'm really impressed about your perseverance.

    Have a nice further trip
    Annett and Stephan